Best Time to Clean Your Carpet

Carpet cleaning is an important decision. A lot of factors come into play when you’re deciding the best time to get it done. If you have pets and children or a big family, the day requires a lot of planning to ensure they are out of the way for a thorough job. You may need to put away small items of furniture to reach the far end of a wall-to-wall carpet and wait a day or two to dry well. Moist carpets and rugs in your home create a musty, unhealthy environment. How do you choose the best time? Should you wait until the carpet looks visibly dirty? Should you do it before the holiday season? Should you do it after the holiday season? Or should you just look the other way and wait for summer?

CRS Commercial Carpet, certified carpet cleaners for Vancouver and BC, gives you the answer. You may be surprised with what our professionals have to say.

Foot Traffic

There are times in the year when you have more foot traffic in your home, typically around the holiday season when you have guests visiting, get-togethers and celebrations. While it makes sense to wait until they leave to get down to it, the question is, do you really want to welcome your guests on a filthy carpet? It may be a better idea to have your carpet steam cleaned before they arrive so they appreciate your clean, beautiful home. If your carpet is generally well-kept, you could steam clean after they have left.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

While many people prefer to clean their carpets in the spring and summer, professionals will tell you why fall or winter are more suitable seasons. This is because clean carpets improve indoor air quality. Since you spend more time indoors in the winter season, the later months of the year may be a better time to get the job done. A dirty, dusty carpet releases all kinds of contaminants and bacteria into the air. If you find your family members sneezing frequently or falling ill, don’t blame it on the conditions outside. It could well be the conditions inside your home. Deep cleaning it in the fall season or winter may be a better idea for a healthier environment.

Carpet Cleaning in Winter

Your carpet invites a lot of moisture, mud, dust, food spills, stains and dander. In the winter months, as your boots get dirtier, this will only increase even if you don’t walk around your home with your boots on. Salt, snow and slush will fly about more easily once the moisture dries out, settling from your doormats to your carpet and rugs. It might be a better bet to clean it out before it gets worse. When the air is cold and dry outside, your home is warm from heating. This allows your carpet to dry twice as fast as the summer months. The longer your carpet sits moist and musty, the more it will attract bacteria and mould.

Carpet Cleaning in the Fall

Autumn is the second most popular season to get your carpet steam cleaned. The children go back to school, guests are yet to arrive, the holiday season is a month or two away, giving you time to get it done. Go for it!

CRS Commercial Carpet, BC

Leaving dirt and debris in the carpet for any length of time is not just unhealthy but also wears out the fibre threadbare so dirt particles get further embedded, compounding the existing problem. As professionals, CRS will tell you that there is never a bad time to clean your carpets. An effective solution is to have them vacuumed regularly and steam cleaned bi-annually. 70% of soil is removed with vacuuming. The remaining 30% is deep cleaned with hot water extraction. Call us when the time comes for a thorough job.