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Hot Water Carpet Extraction

CRS uses powerful industry leading, hot water extractors that deliver highly pressurized super-heated water deep down into carpet fibers. Powerful suction lifts all residues up, leaving your carpets clean and disinfected. In addition to extractors, we use carpet encapsulation that isolates dirt and soil for easy removal.

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Heavy Duty Cleaning

CRS provides heavy-duty carpet cleaning services to Vancouver and Lower Mainland businesses. Heavily soiled carpets require special treatment, state-of-the-art equipment in combination with certified cleaning products and techniques.

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The Rest

Other Equipment

CRS utilizes the most technically advanced equipment available in the commercial cleaning sector. Our technicians are specifically trained to use these high power; yet eco-friendly cleaners, combined with professional techniques to get all carpet textiles clean — every time.

"At CRS we use high-tech equipment that is both effective and eco-friendly."

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